It is the ultimate solution for drone topography. Measuring small or large ground extents has never been so immediate and easy, with IMMAGINA 2000 you can get a topographic survey even in less than thirty minutes.

Easy to use

Intuitive and easy to use, designed by technicians to be used by both professional in the sector and those who want to venture for the first time in this new methodology.


With a single software you can realize: a classic photogrammetry, a punctual topography of vast areas and much more in a short time.


After a scheduled flight of a few minutes you will get reliable measurements, chosen from you, while you're comfortably seated at the PC.


Realizes a punctual and accurate topography to obtain not only points clouds or orthomosaics but processes as floor plan, level curve, profiles, volumes calculations also for quarries and dumps etc.

Everything in real time

Without changing your way of working, you can beat the desired points on the 3D model to get an exact DTM and all the elaborates required by your customer.

3D Cloud

The program also provides access to a web editor and a cloud space, where you can load the 3D cloud obtained during the survey and display it on the network.

How you can use it

One of the features of IMAGE 2000 is its versatility that allows to find application in many areas:

  • Classic photogrammetry
  • Topography of large areas in a short time
  • Calculation of volumes for quarries and dumps
  • Surveys for major projects or executives of civil works such as roads, canals, allocations, urban expansions, and so on
  • Surveys in inaccessible areas

How you can use it

One of the features of IMAGE 2000 is its versatility that allows to find application in many areas:

  • Geological surveys
  • Frane and monitors
  • Checks and inspections of the places after natural events such as fires, floods, storms, earthquakes, etc..
  • Precision agriculture
  • Photografies for inspections in areas where the access is difficult
  • Photographic documentation for legal expertise and causes

National network of specialized topographers

    By purchasing IMAGE 2000 you can become part of our national network of specialized topographers, becoming yourself a point of reference of your area for professionals or individuals who need to have a topographic survey and not only.

Find out how it can be useful for everyday work

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