IMMAGINA 2000 - How it works

IMMAGINA 2000 is a complete programme for topography by drone that allows you to get, while you're sitting at the PC, after a few minutes of flying, a georeferenced topography with reliable and accurate measurements. You will get your topographic survey in a few simple steps.


At this stage, the photos taken by the drone will be displayed and, in the presence of GPS, will be placed according to the flight plan directly on the Google Maps template.
Here you can decide, with semi-automatic or manual functions, which pictures you really want to use in order to cover exactly the area you need.


It is useful to put your survey in your preferred system of coordinates through some known points, named Ground Control Points. Just indicate such known points once, IMMAGINA 2000 will take care of finding them in every picture in order to give very accurate positioning. You will finally get estimates of positioning errors on such points, to intuitively recognize them on the map with nice flags.


IMMAGINA 2000 creates an orthomosaic of your survey by rectifying and superimposing the pictures. If you want, you can further refine the accuracy of your results by indicating new points for the so called aerial triangulation. These points must not have known coordinates, you will be helped in finding them in each picture in a very quick way.

3D Points Cloud

Now you can turn each pixel of the picture can into a three-dimensional topographical point. You can, thus, behave like a surveyor on field to: define points, measure distances, draw profiles, define spots of height maps, etc.

In fact, it is as if you had a GPS antenna in your hand, to choose the points you want in your survey, either manually or with automated methods, but sitting in front of your PC.

Your customers will be astonished by the accuracy of your results. Further, a single flight can be used many times to get different details and even to satisfy different customers.


Finally, you can save or export your results in many formats (DWG/DXF, raster orthomosaic, ply-las-pts for point clouds). You will see the points and the lines you picked in the 3D cloud. Thus, no more need for millions of points, with all of the inherent difficulties. You get exactly what your surveyors skills demand, in terms of competence, accuracy and completeness.


Here all profiles indicated in the Orthomosaic and / or in the 3D Cloud will be automatically generated. Besides you can complete and improve a profile by:
  • Establishing title block and scales of representation
  • Deleting, inserting, modifying heights, visually or numerically
  • Print and/or Export all in DXF / DWG


A fascinating 3D visualization of DTMs created by you where you can view the terrain in different and closer to real ways. It will also be possible to:

  • Visualize curves in 3D
  • Review the model by profile
  • Calculate the volumes of a cut and fill precisely and in more ways: for a given plan, for an inclined plane, calculating a compensation plan between the cut and the fill, between two different models (quarries and landfills).

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