VeRa 2000

It is the revolutionary 3D and 2D facade survey system. From the images of a whatever camera and with a few measurements you can get a three-dimensional model of the exterior of buildings, monuments, statues, and so on with an impressive detail.

Easy to use

You don't need of a special equipment but only of a whatever camera to convert your images into 3D models with a detailed accuracy.


By measuring very few points on the facade, you will get a precise design in the smallest details including stucco, fixtures, and so on.

3D Cloud points

You will be able to view the 3D points cloud or the photo mesh to have a faithful 3D model and in scale model..

Software for 3D photogrammetry

You can use VeRa 2000 for:

  • Rebuild models and measures of buildings to be restructured o restored
  • Check structural failures or damages
  • Rebuild the faithful vectorial design of all the facades of a building
  • Archeology
  • Urban planning
  • Renovation
  • Survey of statues and monuments
  • 3D models of architectural details
  • 3D printing of what detected

Find out how it can be useful for everyday work

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